SoC Concepts

This section covers the topics/concepts which are related to designing of SoC.

There can be segregation of work depending on whether you are working in IP team or SoC team. While working in SoC (System on chip), one should have primarily knowledge about the different IP's used in the chip, the connectivity between different IP's, Protocol used, Placement of IP's e.t.c. SoC team further can be divided into different tasks which include top level RTL generation by integrating all the IP's (sometimes called as Integration), Top level PnR (Placement and routing) and timing closure. Integration is the main activity in SoC which includes  generation of top level RTL by plugging all the IP's (after connectivity), doing basic sanity of connectivity and generated RTL and also checking for the some pre-defined design rules checks (DRC) for generated RTL.

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  1. can you please upload on input vector controlled method of leakage reduction