Low Power Concepts

In this article i will try to capture maximum concepts related to Low power design. I have listened from a prof read that "to defeat an enemy u must know your enemy". So in order to know the low power design strategy you should know what is power, why we should need low power and what are the strategies involved in low power design.

Today we all are using the handheld devices like smartphones, ipod, mp3 player etc. At the end of usage we are looking for the power source to charge the device. When you are purchasing any mobile, u look for power in the battery which is defined in mAh (Milliamp Hour). mAh is a unit for measuring electric power over time. As the technology is shrinking in nano meter, power is playing very critical role and specially leakage power comes into crucial role to play. So we should look for the new ways to reduce the leakage.

Here i will discuss different types of power dissipation and the ways to tackle it.

Broadly we can have the following types of power dissipation which can be depicted in the following ways,

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