Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Design Related Concepts for Silicon

Let's start with this "I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think". The best way to learn is asking question from yourself, why are you doing this? what is the need? Is there any other way possible? Then you will lend yourself in learning process. With this blog we are trying for the same learning through "Sharing Knowledge". If you want to be part of this you are most welcome for any comments, suggestions, sharing of experience anything.
There are some basic questions which are asked during interviews of product based companies in semiconductor domain. Although i am mentioning the questions and answers, inputs from you are most welcome.

Please refer to the sections Synthesis Related and STA Related for some questions. If anyone want to share their own questions or inputs they can comment. Soon i will be writing the concepts which are related to these question in the domain of STA and Synthesis and this will be extended for a SoC design, Verification, DFT, Logical Equivalence Check (LEC) and CDC (clock domain crossing).



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  1. Very good collection Rajeev. If possible can you please also share the answers to the shared questionnaire so that it would be more useful.
    I have recently switched job and by my personal interview experience i can see that the most of the relevant interview questions have been posted by you here
    Thanks and keep up the good work